“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

About Us

Visionary Vanguard, Inc. was founded in 2014 as a personal development services provider. We have since grown into an all-encompassing Intuitive Soul Evolution inner luxury lifestyle management firm with a global presence. At the crossroad of affluence and influence, we believe in giving back to our communities in any form and shape. With future products and services in the pipeline, Visionary Vanguard, Inc. remains true to their commitment of being the world’s only multi-dimensional inner luxury lifestyle firm for affluent individuals including entrepreneurs, business moguls, recognized celebrities, artists as well as renowned figures from culture, entertainment, and sports.
We deliberately cap our yearly Elite Bespoke Peak Performance clients in our 6-month Mindgasm™ program and have implemented a policy of a 12:1 client ratio to maintain exclusivity. This allows us to fulfil our ethos of delivering ‘complete personal attention’ to each individual client and ensures that we consistently deliver the same high standard of quality service. All lasting transformation takes time, and we know the day you plant the seed is not the day you pick the fruit. We want to co-create your ideal life that you have envisioned, but give it a risky and unexpected twists so you can experience your personal core evolution making decisions that support your values. Together we are the difference Makers.


When you are PERSISTENT, you will get it. When you are CONSISTENT, you will keep it.
We care for people, live by example our value system and esteem others to discover their own values. This philosophy is at the heart and soul of Visionary Vanguard, Inc.; it is the driving force behind the company’s continued growth and success.


Strategically transforming lives from FEAR based to LOVE centered living to unfold purpose, presence, valuing all life with acceptance, compassion, and unconditional love; starting with the relationship with yourself. We know it is the act of energizing your unspoken desires with unconditional love, setting the stage for the powerful force of love that opens all possibilities.

By embracing 'what is' in a non-judgmental environment, honor, and respect with uncompromised listening for accelerated catapulting in every area of relationships and partnerships for personal growth development. To cheer you on and shape your destiny as you see fit.


We believe in the Holistic Approach addressing Mind-Body-Spirit. In alignment of one's spiritual evolution, for a more effective, meaningful, and fulfilling life.


Liberating minds whether it is around the corner or across the globe. Raising the bar of Excellence to infinite possibilities. Building Lives for a better world. Just like growth, trust, healing is not built overnight - they are the results of emotional intelligence.

“Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.” – Bruce Lee, Martial Artist, and Actor (1940-1973)
Transformational Loyalty -Evolving Growth

We are passionately dedicated helping...

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We are passionately dedicated helping you experience deep and lasting transformation, as a recognized Strategic Relationship Peak Performance Coach.

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Fulfilled Life - Deliberate Honest Relations

People are our passion to discover, awake,...

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People are our passion to discover, awake, unfold, and develop into the Greatest Version of themselves.

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Pinnacle Coaching + Mentoring = Transcendent Catapulting

We are prepared to assist you in manifesting your...

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We are prepared to assist you in manifesting your heartfelt desires, while at the same time supporting you in the deeper conversations that evoke questions beneath the questions.

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Energetic Spiritual Development​

A spiritual path, is filled with...

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A spiritual path, is filled with Universal Laws that we help you by applying it into daily life, such as Meditation which is a vital part of your transformation. The Spiritual Path has one intention: Unconditional Love To lead you to KNOW Thyself.
The Law of Correspondence states: “As within so without, as above so below.
What this means is that your outer world reflects your inner world. All your relationships, your health, your income, every single part of your life solely reflect on a 1 to 1 basis back to you the way you think and feel.

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Transformational Loyalty -Evolving Growth

We are passionately dedicated helping you...

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We are passionately dedicated helping you experience deep and lasting transformation, as a recognized Bespoke Peak Performance Coach.
​Visionary Vanguard, Inc. provides ‘exceptional strategic solutions’ by delivering a bespoke based on one-to-one interactions with your board certified professional coach. The Visionary Vanguard, Inc. strength as outlined is our pledge to deliver the very best in client-coach relationship with excellence and ecstatic momentums.

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Exclusive to The...

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Exclusive to The Hamptons, Greater New York City area, and Los Angeles  our Elite Clients’ have access to their own 24-hour lifestyle management experts selected for each Elite member and are available whenever needed to help with any request, during the 6-month contract. They also have access to our inner luxury lifestyle practitioners which consists of network specialists with a background of working within various holistic ‘Soul Evolution’ areas in the services industry to deliver any request

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All Visionary Vanguard,...

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All Visionary Vanguard, Inc. Practitioners and Affiliates are carefully screened and then trained through the Mindgasm™ bespoke coach training and developed in emotional intelligence to be extremely attentive and courteous.

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The trademark of Visionary ...

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The trademark of Visionary Vanguard, Inc. is delivering services tailor-made for the individual client.
We work with diverse modalities in the field of Soul Evolution, field of natural health and alternative healing and strategize suitable peak performance coaching sessions. We also have a reward program value added benefits with privileges our Elite Coaching Clients won’t find anywhere else. The difference between good and great is attention to detailed listening.

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As important as privacy is to ...

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As important as privacy is to the clients of any coaching and therapy office, our clients have an extra special need to protect hypersensitive information. Just as we have a comprehensive screening and risk management process for vetting practitioners, we take protecting the clients’ interests as important as we do protecting our own. We handle and fulfil clients’ requests with the utmost discretion and rigorous confidentiality in accordance with the Code of Ethics, and any applicable regulations.

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We address all concerns...

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We address all concerns promptly and always take the position of viewing the challenge from the perspective of the client so that we are committed to always acting in their best interests. This is one of the reasons why many of the clients who joined our elite coaching program service upon initiation, 3 years ago, have become our extended ‘Success Family’ and remain our valued supporters today. With us, it is all about you and your family.

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Our therapeutic, sizzling catapult coaching expertise, heralds the transcendent and healing power of Knowing Thyself through bespoke personal development We are here to bring you the scientific, transformative, and strategic result.

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At Peak Performance Coaching we specialize breaking old behavioral patterns in all areas of challenges.