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Miriam is known far and wide for her passionate desire to guide others in their evolutionary journey to find what few people enjoy in the modern world: inner balanced harmony, healthy and supportive relationships filled with joy, and a palpable zest for life. She is known as “the tenacious bulldog that will not be leashed” because her quest for spiritual success is relentless and unwavering.

Miriam is a groundbreaking visionary, a multi-dimensional creative, passionate, best-selling author, brilliant awakener, witty conversationalist, an overcomer, called the Healer to the healers, powerhouse of possibilities, a force to reckon with, someone that is uniquely bestowed who can disrupt the atmosphere and bring tangible transformative positive change.

Miriam’s foray into studying psychology, was due to the deep pain she endured as a five-year-old child. An irresistible and intuitive stirring, lead her to study Social and Behavioral Science. As her life took several deep plunges felt by the indifferent blows of tragedy, starvation, physical and emotional abuse, dying at a young age, financial ruin, automobile accident leaving her 7 weeks paralyzed, divorce and homelessness and other circumstances. And each predicament evolved her to the next level of growth.

Thinking back what shaped Miriam, provides a revealing perspective. She openly shares through her books, speeches, and lectures with a diversified audience about how to train and master your mind over matter, tapping into the unconscious mind, understanding your subconscious belief system. How to let go and start at Zero Point is the key to accessing a state of mind of no limitations.

Her deep passion for living life without attachment to people and things, has created a ripple effect of intentional flow of unconditional love and zest for life. Her continued exploration of the neurological brain and energy medicine, she has become the ‘voice of reason’. Her expertise in all areas of relationship, e.g. yourself, Creator, family, health, wealth, intimacy (sexuality and sensuality), clients have named her: Doctor Love.

“The Secret to Living is Giving”, her daily motivation. Her presence speaks volumes of her heart without ever saying a word. When you would expect an ego, you will instead encounter a woman that went against all odds, with an infectious positive dynamic energy that makes a person feel as if ANYTHING is possible. She is known for her generosity giving from an overflowing cup, insight, time, and money, shifting minds from triggered pain to joy, from scarcity to abundance, from emotional blockages to healing liberation, from impotence to sexual healing, from insecurities to healthy self-confidence, from fear to love. She thrives in doing what she does with passion for people and plans on keep doing it.

Her genuine approach and candid transformative delivery enables her to connect intimately with people from all occupations. She has a supernatural, unique ability to see individuals through the eyes of the Creator and share insight, revelations that touches them deeply, breaking mind bondages of traumas,

emotional scars, sexual impotencies, addictions and much more. She is a vessel of unconditional love to bring healing alignment of Body-Mind-Spirit. No matter where clients find themselves currently on life's journey. Through her warmth and transparency, she is predictable unpredictable, like a cosmic explosive growth accelerator. 'Viagra to the mind', as her clients state.

Credentials For Transformation

Mind Unleashed Expert

Her diverse and extemporaneous intuitive divine insight has gained her notoriety that transcends, religion, race, culture placing her on the Trendsetter Lists for others to find their voice to impact this world for the better. We’ll make the process easy and fun!

Relationship and Human Behavior Expert

Her awakening, catapulting evokes singles and couples to a deeper, wider, higher consciousness with a lot of playfulness and better understanding of intimacy and love making.

Miriam is evocative, polished but personable, ruthlessly committed to one's success and a highly enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

PhD in Organizational & Social Psychology

(Social and Behavioral Science, University of Regensburg-Germany)

Certified Strategic Intervention Coach

Advanced Relationship Coach (Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Institute)

Certified NLP Master Practitioner

American Union of NLP (Dr. Steve G. Jones)

Certified Usui Reiki Master

Pure Reiki Healings

Certification for Erickson Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy in progress

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REIKI Master

Ms. Miriam Clifford


Healers come from many cultures and work with the energy of body, mind, and spirit. Jesus The Christ, is the epitome, very best healer, the ultimate Miracle Manifestos. Studying His life patterns and Spiritual Principles, He taught, and put into motion, changed lives. One of the life-giving questions He always asked, "Do you want to get well?" Yes, we get to choose, isn’t that wonderful? Freewill is a wonderful gift when applied for the betterment of a healthy collective consciousness, starting with YOU. The Power of Choice is always at work, even if you think you didn’t make a choice, you made one, by not making one.
​The Ancient Scriptures are filled with all His Healing work performed, in person and long distance. It was pure compassion and unconditional love and the joy He delighted in, from any person coming, asking, and receiving their healing.

What sets us apart in Healing Therapy?

We have the psychological and physiological training, Esoteric Truth, the Quantum Physics, and Scientific understanding of the interconnectedness of Body, Mind, and Spirit. We go deep down to the true cause of the dis-ease and sickness.
The effect from our Healing Therapy is much more powerful and stable when compared to the described healing practices like Reiki!
We KNOW, by getting a boost from the outside stimulant during the Reiki treatment session, you do not solve the main problem that is related to your inner subconscious belief system.
Science has proved what the fulfilled Ancient Scriptures have told during the past 2000 + years.
The placebo effect is scientific proof that we can heal ourselves. Our thoughts, emotions, and intentions are powerful enough to bring things into existence. Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.
Divine Love Energy travels, there is no time or space in the electromagnetic field for the healing to take place (emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical). Working with me, you have the opportunity, learning new ways of how to stay healthy and successful that are beyond the traditional taught Reiki!
It is more beneficial, to awaken The Truth within and apply the spiritual laws and just stop self-sabotage on the road of life. When we come to the realization of KNOWING of our true self, only then you will have strong health, success in business, harmony in your family and true joy and passion in your eyes. You will finally find out and realize how to use the alchemy of body, mind, and spirit in practice!
Reiki can be given remotely. Distance healing, also known as remote healing, is an energetic healing process that can be best explained through the principles of Quantum Physics. It has been proven to be extremely effective, sometimes even more effective than local, hands-on healing.
​In life, we don't receive what we want, but what we BELIEVE.
“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” –John 14:12
We don't say we are Healers. We are carriers of resonance of pure Divine Love, Light, pure Creator Life Source Energy. Any healing modality, is not something that we do, but what we embody. We are simply the catalyst for healing. In a body of light, there is no dis-ease.

There is no MAN-MADE RELIGION associated with Healing Therapy, neither are there any religious or occult rituals performed during a Healing Session.