It is the ultimate Bespoke Relationship Peak Performance Coaching designed to help humanity "Light Your Inner World On Fire" with the help of strategic alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit.
Leave the Matrix, and we will show you how deep the Rabbit Hole is into the Vortex. We’re the Growth Hacking team in Personal Development for you!
Visionary Vanguard, Inc. has created a Bespoke Peak Performance Coaching Style with a combination of modalities embodying the true meaning of Higher Consciousness, to draw from within. The coaching style is both academically rigorous and spiritually deeply healing. In each era, institutions of higher learning have brought forward new paradigms of thought and practice to assist individuals in overcoming the personal challenges of the times.
The challenge most people have is, they have only ever been taught what to think and not how to think. We go beneath your past experiences, our society, culture and even religion which has many conditioned to accept shame and guilt about sex and relationships.
At Visionary Vanguard, Inc. we cultivate free thinking. Help you overcome all psychological blocks such as disempowering beliefs and trauma to experience the deep joys of an abundant inner life, and the lasting pleasure of intimacy in all phases. In our proven insight of expertise, everybody that has experienced deep work on the mind and body connection has developed a higher consciousness of awareness.
While our modern world focuses solely on physical attraction and intimacy, our Mindgasm™ Bespoke Peak Performance Strategies emphasizes psychological, spiritual, physical energetic bonding in all aspects of life. The ripple effects are leading into your finances, career, life purpose, health, friends, family also spirituality. We are here to enable a willing individual to know their true potential, discover abilities they thought they didn’t have, changing their life by better knowing themselves. KNOWING yourself opens possibilities to find the direction to follow, maintain your self-awareness, healthy self-confidence, self-motivation, along the path to live a life of meaning.

Dive deeper with us, don't be shy..... Change is never painful. Only the resistance to change is painful.



Our 6-month Elite Bespoke Packages are results compelling. Real change takes time, there is no magic pill, no band aid to fundamentally shift someone’s relationship, find your soulmate, dealing with family challenges, to create financial freedom or helping entrepreneurs and business’ have incredible productive teams, dealing with your self-image, addictions, traumas or finding your true purpose –all these things take time.
Relationships and Love, in areas of Marriage and Family, Parenting, Singles Dating, Sex, and Intimacy, and more. We combine the Body-Mind-Spirit Evolution into perfect alignment in Spiritual and Personal Growth, through varieties of modalities in areas of Higher Consciousness. Leadership and Communication coaching through the Art of Observation and allowing others to experience the deeper aspect of emotional intelligence. Living life on purpose with purpose.
We are the transformational Neuro Team, where science and spirituality experienced their first cosmic drink of ions, eons, atoms, neutrons during the dating game and it was a cosmic, orgasmic euphoria for the intellect. MINDGASM™ was created with you in mind. (We decided collectively not to be greedy and bring from our vault the finest expertise.)
Visionary Vanguard, Inc. with the transformational wisdom and experience who cares about You, your growth, your success, your relationships, your sexual appetite, and spiritual growth. We cut through the fluff and help you get to the core of everything. Passionate and kind, but straightforward. Gentle, but we don't sugar coat. We create breakthroughs, clear blocks, and transform people's lives.
YOUR willingness is KEY. Get ready to shift your life into higher gear and start living the life YOU didn't think was possible. We hope you are not afraid of heights. Well, heck yes, we have a proven strategy for that, too.
Open Your Eyes To Creativity And Innovation
We are creators of our own reality and we all have the Power of Choice to create a new reality. Old ways don't open new doors. Make the commitment, right NOW, and put yourself on the path to the results you are after. At Visionary Vanguard, Inc. we specialize breaking old behavioral patterns in all areas of challenges. Transmuting whatever is blocking your higher vibrational energy by going to the root cause. With our bespoke personal growth development strategies, we unlock, renew, and unleash the new mindset necessary, into manifesting Your abundant health, wealth in all areas, e.g. supportive, passionate, and healthy relationships so You can become all that YOU are meant to be. ​​​
If you have a strong desire or need for things to be different than what you have experienced before, now you have the chance. The different modalities we use to catapult heralds the transcendent and healing power of Knowing Thyself through bespoke evolutionary development.
Courage to seek a helping hand is strength, not a weakness. Whatever your need and desire is from ideal weight to self-image, to look good and feel deliciously good, be in a healthy relationship, understanding your inner issues and emotional pain, tapping into the infinite well of healing as you feel your emotions soften and confidence rising in response to your newly balanced emotional centers of your being. No book, no internet site, nor an app will walk the extra mile with you. It takes a human being to see you through.
We don’t sell you a hype, we give you an experience. Our therapeutic, sizzling catapult coaching expertise, heralds the transcendent and healing power of Knowing Thyself through bespoke personal development We are here to bring you the scientific, transformative, and strategic result.

Checking your progress pushes us forward. Checking our progress gives us satisfaction.
Discover the difference.