6-month in person or...

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6-month in person or phone, One-on-One deep and meaningful transformational bespoke package for clients to experience lasting results by reaching your valued goals and desires, such as in intimate and platonic relationships, sexuality, health, wealth, spirituality etc. Imagine reaching a deep understanding of yourself, profound setting free of accumulated suppressed emotions. You have the power of choice to transform your deepest fears, core blocks, and old beliefs into new levels of alignment, balance, growth, and vitality as your deepest and truest you. As we address any challenges, past or present, that may have you feeling stuck, guilty, or betrayed, you'll also release them in profound ways. YOU reap all the benefits of Miriam’s life-changing, continued psychological training and coaching modalities dedication as continued student in the Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes Institute and Strategic Intervention Center Trainings.

Let’s put the bounce back into your step, into renewed health and balance. With us no challenge is too small or too big. We eat Challenges for Breakfast, the Mastermind Champions Breakfast.

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The Revolution Of You – PLATINUM

Exclusive to The Hamptons and NYC...

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Exclusive to The Hamptons and NYC Greater Area.
In person Group Empowerment with some additional one-on-one support, once per week.
Group limit 12:1
In our Platinum 12 Week Soul Evolution Program, we KNOW, that NOW IS THE time to get out of the mundane, sex life sucks, low self-esteem, who wants to love someone like me…, oh this list is enormously long for some. We will show you the practice of self-love in ways that put a real end to the “I’m too fat/too wrinkly/too skinny/too old blah blah blah” self-talk. Consider this, to realize that the one common denominator in all your relationships and dating experiences is YOU. I know, you’re courageous enough to take charge. You have guts, might be dormant, but it is there. If you keep attracting unavailable men, maybe the one that’s unavailable – is YOU.
Once you know what you’re scared of, we can start to create an action plan to overcome these fears in a way that feels safe. Play, Dance, Sing, Meditate and GROW through my commitment to understanding the Masculine and Feminine. Ask for help, and admit once that you don't know how to do this (or you would already be in a healthy relationship, your love life would be so juicy, your family relations are supportive, your partnerships are flourishing…)
Having a well-rounded Peak Performance Strategist by your side makes all the difference. In order to understand all your relations, it will require us to get very, very vulnerable.
(If you are a man reading this, the insights and teachings offered on this soul voyage will enable you to understand yourself at a deeper level.)

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The Revolution Of You – GLAMOUR

Worldwide in the comfort of your...

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Worldwide in the comfort of your home via Phone Coaching
Helping women to heal and find true love.

Imagine being able to come into understanding men so profoundly that YOU...

  • • You feel in command of your relationship with any man in your life.

  • • And your relationships with all the protector/provider men in your life become healthier, stronger, and just more fun.

  • • Improving yourself in a much healthier and happier life

  • • This is your opportunity to build the relationships you’ve always wanted.

  • • You are about to understand all disappointment and confusion when it comes to all your relationships, not limited to interaction with men.

This is your chance to live in harmony within all your relationships.

1-800 number will be provided upon Sign Up. 

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Have The Best Semesters Ever – SUPERSTAR

Exclusive to The Hamptons, NY
Our Bespoke 6-month...

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Exclusive to The Hamptons, NY
Our Bespoke 6-month Coaching and Mentoring program supports children and young adults during their important growing pains and peer pressure, emotional conflict at school, social media, and family life.

  • • We will be their cheerleaders

  • • The extra set of eyes, when clarity stops, and anxieties, fears, worries creep in, we will show them how to express those “monsters” before it leads into depression and suicide.

  • • The “squad” and sounding board to walk their journey. Hand-in-hand, side-by-side, step-by-step in a non-judgement zone all the way through to your best desired result.

Let’s give the next generation all the support in those vital years into adulthood. Building a strong, healthy boundaries, structure, and accountability will set the pace for the rest of their life. We will show them, everything they have is GOOD ENOUGH.


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