• My Earth Angel

Thank you for helping me to understand the importance of Letting Go. Let me use the words of Jacob Nordby that perfectly describes what you have done for me.
“If you ever meet someone brave and powerful enough to walk with you directly through your most unconscious wounds and shadow caves -someone with the stupefying courage to see through the chinks of your armor and then help you take it off-Love them. Because they have done something for you which is impossible to do alone. They will show the treasure you have been seeking all your life, and they can do this because they aren't afraid of your fear.”


• ​Powerful!

Taking the Meyer-Briggs Personality Test had such a huge impact on my life. I knew that I was stuck but I wasn’t sure how to change it. Coaching with Miriam, helped me to understand my choices and take small steps and create powerful changes in the needed areas. She has this ability to shift your mindset at rapid speed, without even realizing at first what happened. My awareness is more open, and less judgmental towards myself, and relationships. Miriam is a warmhearted and yet a spit-fire Coach through each process. It started slowly like a bonfire, she undresses your mind while sitting there, as if she looks through my being. I learned to trust and take risks, to be vulnerable has opened many opportunities, I was not able to see before I experienced meaningful changes in other areas of my life as well, including relationships, creating a healthy lifestyle, letting go of guilt and connecting to my inner essence.


• Innovative and Provocative

Miriam writes and coaches with much insight and poetic depth, identifying with the yearnings and core center of others to the point that even with distance, she seems tangible to many. She has befriended and aided them in their life journey, reaching out to others and soothing them in their darker moments and rejoicing with those who are celebrating. She is constantly hungry for knowledge and growth in which she shares her findings with others, which in return promotes their growth. She is the epitome of vibrancy of life and a unique individual who has become a jewel in my own walk whose multidimensional mind and heart I have come to find very endearing.


• Beacon of Light

“If you die will it make a difference that you lived?”

This question resulted in a heart and mind association with one of God's Lights in this world.
Miriam brings kindness, love, guidance in this journey we call life.
Sometimes we all spin out of control and she is an anchor in life. Providing hope when all I saw was despair. Thank you for your love, caring and goodness. Thank you for letting us know that our Father's love can surround and lift us up.


• She makes the vision come alive

Our conversations have spurred me to act on the thoughts and vision, I have been thinking of. Miriam is a great motivator and acute listener. Always present to help you to get to the meat of a challenge and help you catapult through the transition to your greatest self.


• Why did I wait so long?

Transitioning from being married for 27 years to being divorced is harder than I ever imagined. The Passion Patterns Program is a great resource, to get to know yourself in ways that seemed profound to me, and Miriam’s witty insight is a wonderful leader step by step. It’s easy to connect with her, through her decisive and intentional listening she created a balanced playful process. Before I started coaching with Miriam I had a lot of worries, everything in my life fell apart. I was constantly worried, if I am going to be good enough in my mature age for another partner one day, my children, the guilt I felt towards my children, not being a good mother…. She has a way with questions that reach down, took off the mask of worries with such compassion, and in kindness and showed me the beautiful picture I have been all this time, as a woman, as a sister, mother, and friend. She gives you the sense of “Marsha, YOU can do anything”. I can re-create the life I always desired to have and let go of disempowering thoughts of guilt and shame. After working with, Miriam, I learned the power of letting go by forgiving my ex-husband, and the hardest part-myse


• The Queen of Vulnerability

Miriam, you know you are something special, right? 'Forcing' me into Vulnerability.
​I just had left a well-paying job in a men’s world who didn’t understand that women possess strengths that they have no idea about. So, I quit the job not knowing what I was going to do.
You taught me it's perfectly ok being me, flaws, and all. A woman with incredible strength, feminine, loving, kind, compassionate, putting others first and balancing also to take care of me, who thinks outside of the box and over the top, goofy, just allowing the beautiful, peaceful God given spirit permission to soar in any direction. He leads, not diminished or downplayed. I know now why I enjoy being on airplanes, there is even deeper feeling of freedom with Christ, complete oneness with Daddy, you really see what being in the world but not part of the world is like from a different vantage point. I will embrace vulnerability. I love you, Miriam.


• Best valuable investment!

As a CEO in the financial world, I know the value of coaching my team. So, when I needed help with my own personal situation, my personal assistant suggested “Dr. Love”, she said, “I read her last book ‘Love Rehab’, she might be the right match for you Jonathan. Long story made short, I liked her style, it was different, intriguing often mesmerizing, intense and gentle. I pursued her peak performance coaching strategies, and I was amazed by how powerful this was for me! She has a way with her enigmatic style to draw you in to her presence and bring out the more best of me. My sex life is satisfying, business acquisitions are strategized, colleague’s mojo is through the roof, team is doing so much better. Because I have changed my old ways, everything else changed from that point on.
Miriam’s perspicacious coaching style enabled me to identify mental and emotional blocks that were limiting my growth and my energy level. With Miriam's support, I broke through these self-sabotage obstacles and now have a whole new sense of focus and a renewed insight, energy, and enthusiasm. I felt like Superman in each session.
It was the first time, I truly felt, “She gets me. I am understood”, with mind-blowing insights into my character from mindfully connecting unconscious stimuli to the present time. Her ability to connect with her on a deeper level, truly awakened something so indescribable, intense 6 month that has changed my life for the better. Highly recommend her to anyone. Not your typical coach! She is the definition of an amazing life beacon

Name withheld for privacy

• “Breakthroughs and true transformation is what you can expect.”

Simply being in Miriam’s presence begins the awakening and healing wheel turning. Melting the ego into the breath, Miriam’s gentle guidance allows the mind to respond to natural cues in the most profound way. In trusting Miriam with the delicacy of our relationship, my partner and I connected in deeper ways of intimacy, and found strength in open conversations, exploration and certainly in intimacy; a breakthrough of unimaginable pleasure with the one I love! She is a visionary awakener with getting people to start having real dialogue about the taboos of sex, intimacy, and relationships.


• She is one of a kind, beyond the surface.

Miriam, where should I begin? You have touched my heart and soul in so many ways.
You have a sure desire to help. When I was going through a relationship break-up, you were there. While I was in the hospital near death, you were there. When my son died last October, you were there!

You are also there for all who seek to discover the full riches of God's tremendous forgiveness, love, and grace. Your vision and influence has broken down the barriers that have prevented many from moving forward. It's hard to make good thing better, but if there's a way you will find it!
I could go on and on but for today I'll leave it there.
May God continue to richly bless you and your family as you move forward.

Name withheld for privacy

• The biggest gift has been clarity of thought and action combined with fearlessness.

Miriam’s coaching style helped me to create work-life balance. Each session, she intuitively shed light where I needed it, with a balanced approach between centered and nurturing. In 4 sessions per month for six months, I could face emotional triggers, learned, and overcame hurdles that allowed me to reconnect with my faith and my true self, while building healthier behaviors. I have acquired new listening and communication skills with my children, and explore what joy is for me and how to have more of it in my life. Learned to love the inner child within myself and with an open heart, my possibilities are endless! With this new-found faith, self-love, expanded awareness in my new reality, I am now on my path to elevate others in my daily life.


• Authenticity

Far from my home(s) and not even knowing Miriam in person, I left her a message knowing that she was the only person that would have taken the actual time and the overall "sacrifice" to help me, so hours passed by and nothing...but I had that one assurance that somehow, she would have come. And it didn't matter if I was able to get rescued in a different way, because as soon as I had access to my phone I called her and she answered and said: “I just listened to your voicemail and send someone to come and help you.”
And I was so IMPACTED by the authenticity of her person and her word, because I saw myself in that, thinking that I am not the only person that will take physical action to rescue somebody who I've never met in person. That's just a distinct event that was dominant in my thoughts about the words to share. However, the best of you is reflected in the everyday connection you make with your inner circle and Grate-Full for allowing me to be part of it.

Name withheld for privacy

• Miriam is exuding LIGHT and LOVE; she is passionate about relationships.

She strategically coaches in a way that makes you feel like a superstar. Her Bespoke Strategies designed just for you. Prior to signing up for Coaching, the amount of stress in my work in the corporate arena was ruling was my world. My sex life was suck, trouble in the bedroom with my fiancé. She didn’t know how to let go in the bedroom. She’d been taught to have embarrassment around sex. A co-worker referred me to Miriam. I knew I didn’t want to break-up my longstanding relationship. Miriam, has a way for you to spill your darkest secrets. It’s in her eyes, you know she is trustworthy and pulls you during a frantic day at work into her peace. “Just Breathe….take another deep breath….one more…. Look in my eyes…..”, she would say. During the six-month working with her, I learned to create boundaries between my work and relationship. We enjoy things together in the bedroom, she didn’t like before. When my fiancé didn’t know how to talk about sexual desires due to embarrassment, but Miriam’s technique helps people communicate about these issues so they can also have sexual enjoyment. With setting clear boundaries, we have more happiness, more fulfillment and more drive to accomplish the things we want in life.


• Look Deeper.

Miriam, You have reminded me that though the road be narrow. The possibilities are Limitless.